Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After about 3 months, Rowan FINALLY let me put his ducky jacket on him!

Seriously, don't you just want to eat him up?  We had a good afternoon splashing at the "big pool" at the Y and he was just a little frozen popsicle when we got out.  I think he was so cold he was willing to do anything to get warm!  

If you want to read about how the jacket got it's cuteness, check out my blog post But It's Too Cut NOT to Wear for the full story!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Pinterest Update

Here's the best of the best I've found this week on Pinterest!

I fell in love with a pin earlier in the week that suggested "carving" pumpkins with drills. This is one step better! No sharp knives around the toddler (who looooves power tools) and the paint makes them look pretty in the daytime too!

There's two things that caught my attention with this one. First, the color of the walls! Maybe a bit lighter, but it's very happy :) The second thing was the wire with the clippies. Currently there's a bulletin board in my craft room, but I love how simple it would be to change out inspirations.

Amiee Ray is one of my favorite artists. Check out her blog here. I have one of her little Noms (a little tiny gnome!) and several of her books on embroidery. Ever since my college days I've had a bit of a soft spot for gnomes. I'm not sure what I'll use this pattern for yet (maybe a tea towel?), but it definitely deserved to be filed away for later use!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Arrrrr Mateys!

Rowan has been getting really in to the whole pirate thing lately.  If you ask him what the pirate says, he responds, "Arrr Mateys!".  I think that's where the fascination with maps came from...

We took a family trip to the San Diego Safari Park a few weeks ago.  We've an annual pass, so we actually go pretty often.  It's great to get some walking in, see the animals, and just hang out as a family.

The place, although very beautiful, is really laid out strange.  Every time we visit we need to pick up a map.  Below is a picture that pretty much sums up what Rowan this whole trip.

He was OBSESSED with the map!  He'd very seriously study it and show us just where he wanted to go.  Then he'd look up, scan the area, point and say "This way!".  It was ridiculously adorable.  For about fifteen minutes.

It got me thinking, though.  Maybe he needed a play map a home.  Ooo!  I could make a pirate map out of felt!  Boy, did the wheels did turning.  I churned out a map by the end of the weekend!

I did a bunch of Google image research and came up with me pattern.  I think my favorite thing is the sea monster.  My second favorite is the skull cave :)  The whole thing is made of nice wool felt.  Not the cheap polyester, plastic, whatever the heck it is stuff from the dollar bin at Jo-Ann's.  Then I added some velcro so you can roll the whole thing up.  Just like a real pirate map!

Rowan has taken his to the park and on many walks already.  I love how seriously he looks at it, like he's really deciding just where we need to go.  

Since it's so cute, I thought it would make an awesome addition to my Etsy store!  So here's the first listing for one!  Come and get it!

& keep your eyes open...dino hooded towels will be coming!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend Pinterest Update

Here's a few of my favorite pins that I found on Pinterest this week.  Enjoy!

This was perfect timing for finding this. I recently got a T-shrt from a car dealership that's way too big on me and would be perfect for a workout shirt with a little cutting :)

I seriously laughed out loud at this one! I actually have a wreath like this in black and purple. I could easily take off the current decor and monster-fy it!

How awesome is this!? Might need to incorporate this into the backyard next spring...

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