Sunday, January 12, 2014

Give Me a Can of Spray Paint

If you've been following me here or on Facebook, you'll know that I've been revamping my craft room.  My husband and rightly dubbed it "The Pretty Room".  The major parts are done (furniture, counter, walls painted) and now I'm just done to tweaking the little things.

Over the last week I've been plotting some of these little details.  The plotting resulted in a trip to the hardware store for spray paint and to Jo-Anne's for some fabric.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to the fabric part over the weekend, but I did do a bunch of painting!  First, the before pics:

The new thread rack I purchased.  Boring!

An old lamp (the plain white shade has been removed).

Generic cork board.

I forgot to get a clear picture, but the record albums on the wall have black frames.

Before we bought our house, I had never spray painted anything.  Now I'm just looking for excuses to spray paint anything I can get my hands my!  It's so amazing what a color change can do.

The thread rack, the lamp, and frames were all pretty straight forward.  The cork board, however, was a little tricky.  I had originally planned to remove the frame, paint it, cover the board in fabric and put it all back together.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered there was no way of taking it apart in a manner that left it in a state to get it back together.  So on to plan B!  My solution to the painting part was to place paper over the cork board and tape it down.

I have a plan for the fabric part, but as I said, I didn't make it that far this weekend.  While Rowan played in the sandbox, I took to the back yard with spray paint in hand.  The thread rack and cork board frame turned pink, the lamp silver, and the frames white.

God bless tarps.

After everything dried, I excitedly brought it all in to put back into place.  The thread rack and lamp I instantly loved.

Thread rack up close

Thread rack a little further away

silver lamp with new PINK shade

I adore the pink shade I got for the lamp and plan to put some white pom trim on the bottom of it.  I'll try to take some pictures at a different time of day to get the colors to look better.  The pink really pops against the blue wall.

The cork board frame looks a little blah against the brown of the cork board, but I think once I cover it with my pretty fabric it will look pretty stellar.

What I'm not sold on are the frames.  I painted them white because I didn't the pink would look right with all 3 of the album covers they surround.  Once I got them on the wall, though, they just don't pop enough.  

I'm considering painting the two on the ends the same teal as the cabinets and the middle one pink.  What do you think?  My second thought would be to make them silver, but I don't think that would be much better than the white.  On the up side, the white is way better than the black!

Here's a little peek at the fabric I'm planning on using for the curtains and the cork board:

It's so perfect!  A white background with lots of pink and just a smidge of blue to match the walls.  I can't wait to see it all done.  That's my goal for the next week!  What's yours?

Weekend Pinterest Update

Even though I've been busy sewing towels and puttering in my craft room (or as my husband refers to it, "the pretty room"), I always have time for pinterest!  Here's a few of this weeks favorites!

I have a little niece or nephew on the way and he or she will be just about this size come Halloween. Aunt Lisa would love to help make an Ewok costume!

My silver sparkly TOMS will be needing a little facelift before too long and this would be perfect! Now to pick some fabric…

Rowan's baby school usually does a Valentine exchange and I think this might fun, and definitely unique! Surely making 25 wouldn't be too hard?

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Craft Room Fix-Up

When my in-laws came to visit over the holidays they rather unexpectedly decided to help us give my craft room / guest room a make-over. Here's a couple of before pictures:

Note the futon from college, the old, tiny desk, my mom's old sewing table, and a spare TV stand complete with tube TV.  Oh, and the hideous beige paint.  When we first moved in, that paint is all over the house and I'm on a mission to irradiate it.

My in-laws decided to help us buy a double bed and install a counter along one wall.  So out with all the hodgepodge furniture!  

Funny side story, we put all the furniture in the triangle, a.k.a the curb, a mysterious place where things magically disappear!  & yes, it did all disappear!

After the in-laws headed home and the holidays died down, I also went in and painted the entire room.

The old light had to go as well.  It's amazing what a difference a new light makes!

I am sooooo in love with this blue color!  It's Silent Breeze by Behr Ultra.  I want to paint those LP frames white.  The wall behind the counter needs something on it and I have a few ideas rolling around in my head.

Here's my little crafty corner with lots of storage!

My fabric is stored in mini bolts in that book case.

There's not only a lot more work space, but the whole room is bright and happy now :)  I have a bunch of little projects I'd like to work on to finish off the room  Stay tuned for more updates!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Pinterest Update

I've been pretty busy getting my craft room painted this week, but there's always time for Pinterest!

I've been thinking about making Rowan a holiday/season themed quiet book one of these days. Wouldn't this guy be cute for Thanksgiving?

Directions for a sunflower house?! There's a corner of my yard that may need one of these this spring for me…I mean for Rowan!

If this doesn't give you baby fever, I don't know what will.

Stay tuned for post about the newly painted craft room. The paint made an epic change! I just need to wait until morning to get some good pictures. Meanwhile, don't forget to follow me here on Pinterest!