Monday, March 3, 2014

Catching Up With Mickey

Ages ago I started working on a Mickey Mouse themed quiet book for Rowan.  Off and on again I've slowly been plugging away at it.  Here's the pages I've finished so far:

First page

Velcro the clubhouse together

Page 2

The buttons are sewn on the page

Page 3

Page 4

Goofy even has his signature pineapple underpants!

Page 5

Page 6

Velcro the different hats on Donald

Page 7

I used faux fur for Daisy's ponytail

Page 8

Finger puppets!

This is one of Rowan's favorite pages so far!

Page 9

The puzzle pieces attach with velcro.  However, I wish I had used a different image for the puzzle.  It's actually trickier than you'd think!

Page 10

Toodles has glue, a screwdriver, a hammer, and of course, the mystery mouse-ka tool!

Page 15
(No I didn't miscount, there's 4 pages I haven't finished yet.)

Practice your numbers

Page 16 & 17

There's the shoe garage, mistletoe mountain, the sandy desert, and Mickey Lake.  
The fact that I know all these places explains why my brain can no longer retain useful information.

Page 18

This is currently Rowan's all time favorite page.  He loves going fishing for gooey fish!  
There's a magnet inside the 'hook' and those are paper clips sticking out of the fish.

There's still 4 more pages to go, and thankfully those aren't quite as detailed as some of the above pages.  Of course, there will be a cover, too.  

Sadly, I will not be selling these books in the future.  While it hasn't been particularly difficult to make, it's pretty time consuming.  Oddly, most of the time is spent just cutting out all the little pieces!  My plan, however, is to eventually sell a pattern with instructions.  When I get it all ready, would anyone like to test it out for me and see if it makes sense?  Pretty place?  With cupcakes?

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  1. I love your book!! Do you have a pattern yet? I would love to get one from you! way cute!