Monday, October 7, 2013

Fluffy Purple Monster and the Tree of Seasons

I've been busy putting up my Halloween decorations around the house lately.  Nothing too over the top.  I'm much more of a Christmas nut.

However, I did take on two crafty projects this season.  One was a wreath for the front door.  Last year I received a purple and black tulle wreath as a gift and it had the letters KSU on the bottom.  A couple months ago, I found this link on Pinterest:

How stinkin' cute is that?!  & I already have the wreath!

So here's what I did:
Flipped it around.  Yep.  I left the letters on, just flipped it over.
Cut some scary teeth out of white felt.  And I even already had the felt!
Bought a pack of ping pong balls for $1.26 and colored eyes on with a Sharpy.
For the teeth, I busted out the trusty hot glue gun and glued them on to the back of the wreath.
For the eyes, I stuck tooth picks into the ping pong balls and the stuck the other end in to the wreath (which had a styrofoam base).

And Ta-da!

Rowan refers to it as the "Fluffy Purple Monster".  In hind sight, I wish I would have used a different color for the teeth.  However, next spring I'd like to pain the front door a peacock blue, so by next Halloween it won't make any difference!

There's something very Muppet-esque about this guy.  I love it!

The other project I whipped up quick was a revamp of my Tree of Seasons.  I've done a few posts in the past on it, but here's what it looked like last year for Halloween:

For Christmas last year I received the Create a Critter 2 cartridge for my Cricut machine and have been putting it to good use for this tree.  For this year, I made two new critters in much better costumes and added a much better looking jack-o-latern.

I'm so much more in love with it this year!  And look at the cute little trick-or-treat bags!  Maybe next year I'll add a spider hanging from the tree.  

Since we're leaving this weekend to visit my parents for two weeks, I think this is all the craftiness that I'll be doing for Halloween this year.  

Next up, Thanksgiving!

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