Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Pinterest Update

Here's a few treasures I found on Pinterest this week!

My inner child and my inner Star Wars geek both love this picture :)

One of the pages I've been designing for my Mickey quiet book is "Catch a gooey fish". This is great inspiration for how to do it! There's a paper clip sticking out of the top of the fish and then there's a magnet in the "hook" on the fishing pole. You can actually fish with this page! How epically cool is that?

I LOVE this bag. To pieces. I've been thinking that Rowan needs a bag other than the diaper bag to haul stuff around in. Something like this would be big enough to fit his quiet books in AND it isn't super girly. Next time my husband wears out a pair of jeans, this bag is happening.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Labor Day weekend and isn't melting in the humidity :)

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