Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day!

This was the first year in a long time that I had the opportunity to make cutesy little valentines to hand out to people.  Seriously, what a fun tradition is this?  I know some people get all snitty that we should "love each other all year round, not just one day a year", which I agree with, but isn't it nice that we have a day specially dedicated to expressing that love?

Rowan needed two sets of valentines this year:  One set for our playgroup and another for his friends at baby school.  Since there were fewer in playgroup, I decided to  do something a little more "elaborate" (& really, they weren't elaborate at all).

I saw something with the same phrase on Pinterest, but it was just a picture, not a printable.  So I went to good old Google and just searched for "I wheelie like you printable" and found this website.  I was able to just print and cut!  Easily done in a nap time!  The cars I purchased from the dollar store and the washi tape I had.  Rowan LOVED the cars, so much so I had a serious time keeping him from tearing the cars off all the cards.  & it turns out other 2 year olds love them too!

My other set I found on a blog called Cool Mom Picks.  They had a roundup of cute and fun valentines for "when you don't have time to make them yourself".  I'm okay with making 10, but 25 is a bit too many.  First, I love the monster & fruit thing going on with these.  No one thinks of monsters on Valentine's Day!  & they just seem perfect for a little boy to give.  The best part though?  You can cut them out and turn them into finger puppets!   How fun is that?  Oh this one was a printable that I bought for $4 from Scenerie on Etsy.

& just for good measure, here's the card I got from my husband and my son :)  Gotta love it!

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