Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just in Time for St. Patty's Day!

Just in the nick of time, I finished up the little characters for my seasonal tree.  

This time I got them done without incident.  Have I told the story of how I almost lost a finger because of super glue?  It's a good one!

I discovered that I have to use some really strong magnets to get the characters to adhere to the board.  The problem with that is that when I'd peel the characters off the board, the magnets stayed stuck!  I tried all kinds of glue, but finally decided to give super glue a shot, since nothing else seemed to work.  Now, I read the directions:  Avoid direct contact with skin.  If this occurs, wash immediately.  Yeah yeah, yeah.  So as I'm gluing on magnets, of course I get a little on my fingers.  I think to myself, "I'll just finish up then I'll wash my hands".  As I'm working, I start to think, "Gee, my finger kinda hurts".  But I keep going.  Pretty soon I'm thinking, "Ow.  My finger really hurts".  So I decide that maybe I'd better wash my hands.  I wash and wash, and by the time I'm done, my finger still hurts and there's a big red spot.  & my finger hurt and had a red spot for about 3 days!

Moral of the story:  If you get super glue on your finger, wash it off immediately!

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