Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stars Wars & A Walk Down Memory Lane

I recently completed the next page in my Star Wars Quiet Book.

I'm not totally satisfied with how the fighters turned out, but not enough so to redo them.  I also would rather have done the blasts in thicker thread.  But it'll do!

While I was talking with some mommy friends the other night, I realized that not everyone was blessed to grow up with homemade quiet books.  Some people *gasp* don't know what they are!  So I decided to post some pictures of the ones my grandma made for me when I was a child.  I've got 3, my brother has at least 3, and who knows how many my cousins have!  My grandma was a busy lady.

Here's the covers of the 3 I have.  One is an alphabet one, one is numbers, and one is fine motor skills.  Basically, quiet books are soft, fabric books that encourage learning and fine motor skills while not making noise.  Great for public outings like church!

The super, insanely tiny and perfect embroidery.  Each page in this book is that awesome.

The number book is farm themed.

Here's a few of the fun pages from the third book.  This one has an airplane with a turnable propeller and flowers than can be buttoned on and off.

The clown face and the clothes on the line are all attached with velcro.

The lady bug is one of my favorites.  You unzip it and can take out the babies.  & you can tie the bow on the kitty.

When I'm done with the Star Wars book, I'm hoping to create a couple of my own.  Maybe pirates, and Wizard of Oz and a princess one.  The goal is to not just make them, but to sell the patterns in my Etsy store.

Why am I going to sell patterns and not the actual quiet books you might ask?  Because I doubt anyone could afford them!  While they're relatively simple to make, they are super-dooper time consuming.  Just a rough estimate, but on this Star Wars book, I'll have put in easily over 30 hours of hand stitching. 30 hours people.  So let's say I charge $10/hour.  That's $300 right now.  Not including supplies.  Hence why my plan is sell detailed instructions and patterns so anybody can make their own!

What kind of quiet book would you like to see?

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