Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Horde of Minion Bunnies and Some Eggs Gone Bad

So Easter time is upon us.  I've always love the joy Easter.  It seems to mark the true beginning of spring.

This year my neighbor's parents graciously invited us to join them for Easter dinner and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  Altogether, there's going to be about 8 little ones (under 4), so the egg hunt should be quite entertaining.

I thought it would be fun to make a little something for each little one.  My first inspiration came from a blog called The Red Kitchen.  Click here for the link to the adorable little funny finger puppet she made called Benny Bunny.  I decided to make them little stuffies instead of puppets and added googly eyes because they make me giggle (not to mention it's just fun to say googly.  Googly googly goolgy!).  The boy bunnies got bow ties and the girl bunnies got hair bows :)

I also cheated and used hot glue on the eyes, noses, and bows.  Just didn't feel like screwing around with all those teeny pieces.  They're just big enough to fit into a plastic egg.  Pretty stinkin' cute if I do say so myself!

Now on to the egg dying flop I had.  I saw this thing on Pinterest (and so begins the story of every great crafty flop), but the directions were really vague.  Like, really vague.  But here was the general idea...

Spray a bunch of shaving cream in to a pan, mix in some food coloring.  Roll the hard boiled eggs in it and let the shaving cream sit on them for about 5 minutes.  Wipe off the extra, rinse, and wha-lah!

So I invited my neighbor and her little girl over to give it a shot.  Here little girl, H, just turned 2 and my boy will be 2 next month.  Here's a shot of cream ready to go:

Rowan immediately stuck his hand in and squished it around.  But when he pulled it out and realized the cream was still on it, he panicked.  "Towel!  Sink!"  And that was the end of that for him.  

H was very happy to gently place the eggs in to the cream, so long as it didn't touch her fingers.  

So it was up to me to dive in and get messy!  Here's the eggs covered and ready:

And yep, there's one in there that's broken.  Actually, three of them got broke.  I just thought we were doing good to have no one eat the eggs or the cream!

Later I washed them off, but only to find this:

Yep.  That's it.  Not very exciting.  & since so many of them got cracked by little excited eggs, I decided we'd better not eat them.  Eating shaving cream might not be much of a good idea.

So Rowan won't have any real eggs to hunt for this year.  There's always next year!

One last fun Easter thing, today I finished making dessert for tomorrow:  Carrot cake whoopee pies!!!!  I found the recipe from a friend last year who got it here on the Jello website.  Sorry there's no picture, but apparently I can't figure out how to embed pins now that Pinterest has updated.  Poopers.  I'll get to work on that!

Hoppy Easter everyone!  Hope your eggs turned out better than mine ;)

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