Monday, February 10, 2014

The BIG Valentine Craft

Last year around this time I came across a great tutorial for a Valentine's mailbox complete with mail on the great blog Imagine Our Life.  However, I thought Rowan was a bit too young, so I saved it for this year!

After quite a bit of prunching (that's a term my gramma used to use for messing around), and only having to rip out one little bit, I finished it in time for V-day!

There's canvas inside the mailbox to give it a little body.  The mailbox is stitched together with the blanket stitch.  After this project, I think I've finally mastered that stitch!

The stamps are removable with velcro.  The envelopes also seal with a dab of velcro.

The flag on the side of the mailbox actually moves up and down.  It's a little floppier than I'd like, but it works!  On the blog, she used fabric that goes through the printer to print off cute little letters with pictures that were stitched to the felt letters.  I cheated and just drew squiggles with some black puffy paint :)

My favorite piece is the cookie that slides into the heart envelope.  It's got seed bead 'sprinkles' and a little stuffing to make it look extra yummy.  Rowan loves to munch on it!  He informed me that Gramma Nin sent it to him.

Rowan and I are both really happy with how this one turned out!  Now on to finishing my valentines for his school party and maybe some creme filled cupcakes...

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