Sunday, June 23, 2013

It Only Took a Year...

Sooooo....around a year later, I  FINALLY  FINISHED  THE  STAR  WARS  QUIET  BOOK!!!!

Here's the cover in all it's glory!  I made it totally different than the directions said.  Instead of just 2 sheets of felt stuck together with grommets in them, I used black denim.  There's two long sheets of denim (that I did the appliqué on) that I sewed right sides together, then turned right side out and topstitched around the edges.

When I finished the pages, I put in the grommets and held them together with binder rings.  On the cover, I sewed a strip of black gross-grain ribbon down the middle, leaving gaps to insert the binder rings.  Then I just clipped in the rings!

Here's the last page that I never did show a picture of.  The End.  Finally!

On the inside of the back cover, I stitched in my initials and the year I finished it.  My grandmother used to do this on most of the things she finished.  That way some day when my great-grandkids are playing with this they'll know who made it.

Upon finishing this, there's definitely something I would do different next time.  I wouldn't make the pages out of felt.  I would do them out of muslin, like my gramma did in my old books.  I'm really nervous that the felt won't hold up well.  To help stave that off, I added interfacing in between the pages, but that makes them extra bulky.  I think muslin pages would make the whole book more compact (not to mention it would be cheaper!).  

& oh!  The wheels are turning for the next book already!  Stay tuned!  And maybe it won't take a whole year for the next one ;)

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