Monday, June 3, 2013

Cinderella Time

Bleh.  Every once in awhile you just have to get down on your hands and knees and the degraded step-sister and scrub your floors.  I've got an awesome Shark steam mop, but I still can't escape this dirty chore.

So as I was pretending to be Cinderella this afternoon while I scrubbed the massive amount of tile in my house, I got to thinking that maybe I should share some tips that I think make this chore a little easier.

1.  Rubber gloves are your friend.  They save your skin and your nails and enable you to use hotter water.  I used to hate them until my mother in law gave me a pair from her secret stash from England.  Apparently that's the only place she could find rubber gloves in a size small (It's a long story how she gets rubber gloves from England).  These actually fit my hands!

2.  Knee pads.  I borrowed a pair from my husband's tool box :)  They make being on your knees so much easier!

3.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner.  Their slogan is:  Smells like a garden, cleans like the dickens!  I've been  using the Lemon Verbena scent and I love it!  It makes the whole house smell fresh!

Seriously, scrubbing floors is one of my least favorite household chores.   These little tricks help make it go a little faster.  Well, at least a little easier.  What tips do you have for cleaning floors?

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