Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Rad Rav 4 and it's Snazzy New Trashcan

Yup.  I just used the word snazzy :)

But back to the point...  This past weekend I just got a new car!

It's a 2010 Toyota Rav 4 and has a pop-up 3rd row of seating.  I didn't even know they made a model with a 3rd row!  

My Mercury Sable mysterious stranded me twice in 2 days and my husband said, "That's it!"  You know it's a mystery when Walt, a nuclear engineer, can't figure out what's going on.  

While I'm excited to have a fun new ride, the real purpose of this post is share this nifty little Pinterest project I did for the car.  My last car always had a huge wad of trash stuffed in to the side pockets of the doors.  That drove me nuts, but it's kind of inevitable.  

Well, I kept seeing thing little project on Pinterest and finally decided to give it a go.

It's a trashcan!  I took an empty Cascade dishwasher pod container and wrapped in scrapbook paper.  Seriously.  That's it.  The lid opens and shuts to help contain the mess.  I even got fancy and stuck some press and stick velcro onto the bottom of it so it sticks to the carpet.  Ta-da!

I'm rather in love with the zebra print.  It seems to fit the beige and black interior of the Rad Rav 4 :)  and hopefully it will help keep the tissues and snack wrappers at bay!

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